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Product Liability

Unfortunately defective products cause serious injuries including burns, spinal chord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries, loss of limb/amputation, serious back injuries and neck injuries, electrocution, and other types of serious injuries in Alabama every year.

Product liability refers to the liability of all the parties in the chain of manufacture of any type of product for injuries caused by a defective product. For example, in the case of a defective automobile which causes a traumatic injury or death, the liable parties could include the manufacturer of the vehicle, the manufacturer of the defective part, the distributor of the part, and the dealership or even used car lot that ultimately sells the defective vehicle to the consumer.

Some other examples of defective products include electrical appliances with faulting electrical cords, machines or products with defective or missing guards, all-terrain (ATV) vehicles or tractors that roll over when they shouldn’t, defective medical products/devices, defective prescription or over-the-counter drugs/medications/pharmaceuticals, defective child safety seats, ladders, and many other consumer products.

It is very important to find an attorney immediately if you are seriously injured or someone you love is seriously injured or killed by a defective product, because steps must be taken to ensure that whomever is in control/possession of the product maintains the product in the same condition as it was in at the time of the injury or death, and that no alterations are made to it and it is not disposed of or destroyed. In a products liability case, the product itself is the most important piece of evidence, so it must be preserved as soon as possible after an accident involving the product. Tina M. Parker has experience handling product liability cases, and she will take the steps necessary to properly preserve the defective product to use as evidence.

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